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No more hard poo and blocking nose

This is my 7 years old boy.He had been suffering from allergy rhinitis since he was 3. He had to use his nasal spray daily and this made him felt uncomfortable. I always hope that there's kid supplement which can improve his allergy. And my dream came true when Mediterranean kids was being launched by Return Legacy in August.

After receiving the products, with high determination, I let my boy consumes a packet daily. I can see his condition improving gradually day by day. No more complaining in running and blocking nose as before. Besides, my boy is a picky eater. Therefore, during his poo time, he often experiencing hard 💩. Now with the help of Mediterranean Kids, he enjoys his poo time. No more hard 💩 but soft 💩.

Really grateful and thankful to Return Legacy company for launching such a great supplement for kids. With Mediterranean Kids on hand, it makes me worry less and my boy benefited a lot from it. A packet a day keeps the doctor away ✌

Product: REOXlife Junior Mediterranean Kids

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